A second home, a refuge, a place of growth, discovery, adventure and friendship – for generations Sherwood Forest has been so much more than camp. Now, a group of former campers and current participants in Sherwood Forest’s Supports for Success Program are giving back to the camp the love by raising funds for Way More Than Camp: The Campaign for Sherwood Forest.

During the past few months, the 10th, 11th, and 12th graders in the Supports for Success program have been hard at work planning, creating, and launching their online crowdfunding campaigns. They have created webpages to share their camp experiences, encourage others to support Sherwood Forest, and collect donations. They have also written their stories, designed a brochure to hand out, and learned and practiced how to ask for donations to fund their project.

“This is a great opportunity for our youth to be a part of Sherwood Forest’s evolution and growth and leave a legacy of their own at camp,” says Emily Mess, Supports for Success Program Manager. “As they look forward to their next steps in life—graduating high school, going to college, becoming adults—the experiences and skills they are gaining prepare them for future challenges and successes. The project helps them become advocates for their own future and strengthens future generations as well.”

These amazing young adults are now busy asking their friends, family, neighbors and community to help support the construction of the new buildings at camp so more kids can have the life-changing experiences they had at Sherwood Forest.

Help Us Reach Our goal – Check out the Supports for Success Fundraising pages below: