Digital fundraisers are a great way to share the mission and work of Sherwood Forest with your online network. Utilizing a platform such as Facebook or YouCaring, you can create an online fundraiser in just five or ten minutes. You simply create a free page, share your story, and invite friends and family members to contribute. We put together answers to some Frequently Asked Questions to help you determine how to host a digital fundraiser. For event more information or to get started, check out our Digital Fundraising Packet.

Do I need to commit to raising a certain amount of money to host a fundraiser?
No! We provided target goals as a guideline (20 donors contributing a total of $500), but we know that these will be averages. Some digital fundraisers will be smaller, and some may be larger. Some may raise less, and some
may raise more. We are just excited to broaden Sherwood’s network and give you an opportunity to share your Sherwood Forest story.

I’m on a tight budget. Do I need to spend a lot of money to host?
No! You don’t have to spend a dime. Some digital fundraiser hosts choose to make the first gift to their own campaign to get the ball rolling, but you certainly don’t have to.

I don’t think that I know the right people– who would I invite?
Your guest list might include family members, neighbors, or long-time friends. It could include people who you know from Sherwood Forest who you haven’t seen in many years. It could be people who you volunteer with in the community. It might be folks from your church or your child’s school. It could be co-workers from your current job or a previous one. Who do you know that might be interested to learn about Sherwood’s work in the community?

How do I choose between Facebook and YouCaring?
Sherwood Forest’s preferred fundraising platform is Facebook, but we know that not everyone might have a Facebook account. There is no need to sign up for Facebook just to run an online fundraiser. YouCaring is an excellent platform with very similar tools that can easily be shared with your network via email.

How will hosting a digital fundraiser help Sherwood Forest?
We hope that through a hosting a digital fundraiser, you can have the opportunity to share your own Sherwood Forest experiences with loved ones and invite them to join the Sherwood Forest family. One of our campaign goals is to support at least 20 digital fundraisers with a total of 400 donations over a six month period. Through these online fundraisers, we believe that we can raise a combined total of $10,000 towards our capital campaign goal.

Ready to start your own digital fundraiser? Check out our Digital Fundraising Packet to learn how.

Have more questions? Contact Libby Sunkari, Sherwood Forest’s Community Relations Manager to answer any additional questions that you might have or troubleshoot any issues setting up your event. You can reach her at